[Verse 1: Matt Maine]

Was destined to be a delinquent
Been dreamin' up schemes since I was conceived -
In a blacked out trap house smash and dash
I think like somewhere out in East Phoenix
The addict I sat in kept feedin my fetus -
With all the key ingredients needed -
To craft these immaculate drafts of my thesis
Powerless, I showered in a mix of Codeine and Ol' English
Next thing I know I'm poppin' out with a Glock -
Lettin' off screaming, "Thanks for the free shit"
Snatched some Jeep keys off the rack -
And dipped out quick with a young bitch like Regis, yeah
World leaders on their knees when I'm speakin' yeah
I fuckin' kilt they whole vibe they greivin' yeah
Yeah, shit's fuckin' lethal bitch
I found a mic and a mix, they ain't seen me since
Gearin up for war, I'm where the storm at
Pull up horseback, let my motherfuckin' sword slash
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Wack rappers gettin' smacked back to they mama's cribs
A fuckin' winter blizzard in Antarctica's got hotter shit
I kill careers and let the cobwebs cover 'em
I'm comin' up bitch, I lick shots off the 101

[Chorus: Matt Maine]

You know what to do
Shake, shake it when I come thru (come thru)
You know what to do
Shake, shake it when I come thru (Ooooh)

( x2 )

[Post-Chorus: Matt Maine]

Yeah, when I come thru
You know what to do, you know what to do
I don't fuck with none of you
None of you ( x7 )

[Verse 2: Matt Maine]

Nobody fucks with Matt Maine and lives to tell about it, bitch
No, no, no doubt about it, bitch
I'm so 'bout it, so 'bout it 'bout it, bitch
I drink on that drink 'til I'm out of it
Lil' out of it, lil' out of it
And if your ears and bleedin' and your mom ain't screamin' -
Need to turn my shit up a li'' louder then (yeah)
Freestylin', Freestylin'
I ain't had time to write shit
Been workin' on takin' the cannon off a German Panzer -
And mountin' that shit to my whip
Been off that vodka water, like a grip
Cut from the cloth of Pac and Eminem
It's all rap, that's all it's ever been
And that's what I'm takin' with me 'til the end, motherfucker
Stepped out with that teflon bullet proof vest on
You best take a head shot, dawg
I grew up studyin' the real killers of this rap shit -
And now I spit with the best of 'em
(Who) Who wanna test they luck -
And get fucked up quicker than my ex I drugged
Yeah, they know what to do when I'm pressin' 'em
And ya boo know what to do when my 'vet pull up
(yeah, yeah, yeah!)

[Chorus: Matt Maine]

You know what to do
Shake, shake it when I come thru (come thru)
You know what to do
Shake, shake it when I come thru (Ooooh)

( x8 )
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You Know What To Do Lyrics

Matt Maine – You Know What To Do Lyrics

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