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Coming From Afar Lyrics

Matisyahu – Coming From Afar Lyrics

(feat. Mavado)

Singing for my mama
Get ‘em
I’m singing for the streets
Matis' and check we all, yeah

Darling, the ride is mine
Just gotta go ahead and take it
Got to be on time
So they could watch us celebrate it

Yes we’re coming from far and could I never lose, nah nah
I from the isle dedicated man I revolute, yeah yeah

I just need an instrumental so my ways can let go
Surfin’ through these skies ‘til my thoughts start to settle
Sever all these ties, I got more steam than the kettle
So many airplane rides, I get the bump it’s not an issue
Time to guess the status, my mind is heavy metal
You know how hard I try, I’m a true soul rebel
To keep myself tight was like hell, I had to let go
I said hello, hello, I got to go

I’m coming from afar
I’m such a special star
All that I could I lose
When Jerusalem no move

I’m coming from afar
I’m such a special star
So all that could I lose
When Jerusalem no move

Some of them will love you when you’re dumb
Yeah turn you up
Stay on the top but now don’t let them
Beat me up

It was I come from far and come side ma fuzzle
Bound for me the million year ma fuckin’ war mon wuzzle

We are the ones, the chosen, keep the people movin’
Times inspiration is low, we got to lift ‘em
We are the sacrifice, music is the weapon
Praise through the atmosphere, that’s the blessing
Rain fall down and we don’t need no ceiling
Adjust my eyes, because seein’ in believing
I got to have faith ‘cause the system keeps collapsing
And the demons they won’t stop clapping
Diamond in the rough, I stay strong and go tough
The sirens keep me bound, but I call your bluff
A long time searching, long time they been lurking
Creeps and vampires won’t rest until I’m hurting
Flirting with death, you know the dark keep building
Lifting up the children and I rid them from the villain

Jah Jah

I’m coming from afar
I’m such a special star
Then all that could I lose
When Jerusalem no move

I’m coming from afar
Like a, yeah, yeah

Jah Jah
Oh, eh
Jah Jah
Bi di bi bi eh

I’m seeing stars again, so go tell your friend
Feelings apprehend, send sounds with intention
The goal to let you in, and we 'bout getting again
Bouncing through these days, and you know I can’t pretend
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