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...For Anyone Lyrics

Mat Kerekes – ...For Anyone Lyrics

Stay for a moment
Make me your stone
Carve into me
Everyone knows it
Everyone's saw
We're plastered for sure
I felt your bloom into burning
Yeah, you should've seen me that morning
A night spent dying
I felt it all
I'll meet you there
Matte black covers us, though we don't care too much
No, I don't sing a thing for you
I don't for anyone
You spend nights inside your head
Your small, fragile bones have yet to break in
The stiffness in your neck, you're still feeling it
I know how that is
The night humming, the moon hanging
Man, you should've seen me when I noticed
Hold the dirt in your hands
Coat it in gold
It's yours after all
Kick the back of my knees, cause I don't fall enough
This quick love we know
I saw the sky cry for you
What were you thinking of?
Have you ever felt our Autumn?

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