I heard the same old music today
Oh there must be something better to get me through the day
So I flipped down the dial to a woman who was wailing away...
Libby was a sociable loon
She said "How can it be dangerous in a mother's womb?"
Now she's in her own political tomb on the radio
It's called Talk, Talk Radio, Talk Radio
Amahn was privy to a laundering scheme
Said he don't want any trouble just the American dream
I can quote you from the novel Candide on the radio
It's like a rondo everyday
If it ain't on the docket now it will find a way
Cause a topical battlefield lies on the radio
Now it's not strange behavior if the host transmogrifies
Expect a wimp to bathe here, or a provo to rhapsodize
Diva Donna, just shy of sociable in her car
She tunes in just to see what the topics are...
On Talk, Talk Radio, Talk Radio
Now it's not strange behavior for Eolithic minds
To say they know the Savior from drinking religious wines
Mugsy Dillon is history now that he's been arraigned
But I'll keep listening as long as I'm entertained
By Talk, Talk Radio, Talk Radio
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Talk Radio Lyrics

Masters Rick – Talk Radio Lyrics