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Why They Wanna See Me Dead Lyrics

Master P – Why They Wanna See Me Dead Lyrics


why dey wanna see me dead n s****put prices on my head now I got to Rottwielers
by my bed Verse

*1 N*

s****afraid to see a Gambino n anusget paid So
my life be filled with blood shed Late
nights mommas cryin on the bed visulizin me in the grave Now
why the f k**it gots to be this way These
projects got a n anusf d****up in the head Gotta
stay high to survive I, ain't gone lie these streets be havin a N
anuswanna die Bein
a breeder gots to stay alive keep close to my 4-5 Keep
my eyes on the prize can't be victimized by b h***n s****in Disguise
to be my thug n anusbut all the while my designated killah My
whole life is a thrillah everything is on the realah n anusI'm all About
my skrilla F
d****up and I kill ya I know you feel the pressure dat a thug goin Through
wanna change but its hard to do When
all my life I been true 2 da game pushin cane to represent my Family
name Ain't
a damn thang gone change its the same old same Everytime
I walk out my house these playa haters approach These
n s****get smoked Cause
lord knows I ain't ready to go But
when my time comes (but when my time comes) and my blood runs Just
blaze the blunt and watch over my son Make
sure dat his days okay dry the tears from his eye When
this n anushere die tell em I went to a place high next to a lot Tell
em dat I live my life as a wise guy and floss my ride and bust B
shemaleyes Maybe
dat's why dey wanna see me dead and put prices over my Motherfuckin
head Chorus


*Verse I*

think dey after me dey wanna see me dead 100
G's for the slugs dat enter my head But
I ain't scared though we leavin n skankstank No
limit n s****commin bustin in the fuckin tank Dem
n s****jealous cause my tape in demand We
on the paper chase and I just can't understand How
these n s****infiltraton findin out about my where abouts Thought
you did something kickin in my baby momma house I
know your blood flowin with these evil thoughts of killin me But
I'm like P always think somebodys watchin me Other
jealous folk got me under survielence Wanna
murder me and make me number 187 But
I tell em if dey come dem n s****best come prepared Puttin
lead between yo heads and I'm leavin it dead Cause
this 4th Ward soul ain't got no time for fools (I guess dat what He
sayin but he ain't pronouncin it right) 12
gauge unload now your brain exposed Gotta
get up out this game because its gettin to drastic Dodgin
bullets cause dey wanna make my child a b d*****Will
I last it or will a n anusjust perish instead The
N O. P. D. The. Feds dey all wanna see me dead
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