Slayer Beatz Baby
I do it for my momma

Verse 1:
It's all about my momma
Ideal of her lover
The one who always gave me something, put on me a cover
When I was sick
She did never shrink
When I come at 6
She never goes strict
Protected me like an umbrella
She's nice, never out of her
She got Wonderwoman charisma
Does it like a talisman
Sweeter than a candy shop
Cuter than you and you not
... Certified!
Me she never dropped
Got loads to say about her and she know it
Admirable, loveable, adorable and she know it
Makes me laugh loud she can act kamikaze
She my momma and I love her crazy

Chorus x2:
I did it for my momma (x2)
Happiness blowing out huge like my name's Hosama
Without her my life's like doomed in a comma
Off her way I chase all kind of drama
I did it for my momma (x4)

Verse 2:
It's all about my momma
Why singing if it's not about her?
She gave me birth years ago, this I give to her
Example of loyalty she's pure like fur
She got brains I admire her
Let me tell you a secret
I will never have regrets
Of having you 'round me cause you never reject my presence
Got me so close to you I always feel warm
So sorry to not always take you in my arms
Whatever happens you'll stand as my mother
I want to sherish you more than others
If you were a flower you'd've been the best offer
I vow to never ever give you any suffer

Chorus x2:

Yeah! I love you, mom, I did it for you. You will always be in my heart...
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My Momma Lyrics

Master-Boyz TRN – My Momma Lyrics

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