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1112 (feat. GZA/Genius, Killah Priest) Lyrics

Masta Killa – 1112 (feat. GZA/Genius, Killah Priest) Lyrics

Bobby said, ""Fuck spendin 50 on a whip, buy a clip""
Mental flip, got a thousand tracks thought on a chip
Said he had mad toys to make noise
You split and separate drums like asteroids
The concerned producer sampled this question
Hit him with the beat for the answer, with extra compression
When sound travel, it quickly grab you
and equalizes the pitch up, until it have you
Bugged out, tryin to think you can match this
The portrait's too graphic
Panaramic view for you, stamp Wu
The feature gothic, the outcome will be catastrophic
We wrote block-tic checkpoints on your next joint
and who the nigga you annoint?
700 volts on the track to slay
Murderous wordplay displayed, for killin cascades
Throwin bullets in the air to test wind
and which way the cyclone spins
Counter on clockwise, still civilized
Kill spies on the wall, that still flies all dies

[Masta Killa]
Give no extension on the lynchin
It's tension if the name of the Clan is mentioned
It's the aura that's felt, that causes one to flash his gun
and reveal how he really feel, confirmed
He'll never live after the show, see the promoted for the dough
I'm takin, breakin his wax
Throw my shit on to perform my selection from the Swarm
Day 2 breaks, it's a stormy Monday
My ninjas lay in revines and ditches
Underneath shrubs and leaves
They breathed thru underwater reeds
The enemy walks above, Clan remain subterranean mud
Off shore banks, tanks approach the location
Bombarded by the circle of death formation
Telecom lines are sniped from these low altitude strikes
Shatterin bulletproof helmets with scrap nail fragments
of cell, inhale these venomous thoughs that I propel
thru the north facility, the city must
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