Cinders:I'm glad to have a friend like you,
Buttons I know it's true,
You're there for me.
Buttons:I'm here and we're,
A funny pair,
Cinders you know I care about you.

Buttons:I remember when u first became my friend,
We'd dream of who we'd like to be,
Many were the days we played our games of make-believe.
Cinders:You would be the cowboy racing down the railroad,
Off to set a poor girl free.
Cinders/Buttons:We'd ride off together in the sunset you

Cinders:I'm glad to have...
Buttons:I'm here and we're....

Cinders:You're the dashig prince,
Got turned into a frog,
An evil act oof sorcery.
Buttons:You're the lucky girl who plants a kiss,
Upon my cheek.
Cinders:I would be the princess locked up in a castle,
Nobody to rescue me.
Buttons:I would be your knight in shining armour,
You'd go free.

Chorus x2.
Cinders/Buttons sing both (second time)
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A Friend Like You Lyrics

Mason Williams And Nancy Ames – A Friend Like You Lyrics

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