You say you need to call
But I don’t wanna talk
I don’t need your reasonings
Or a list of all my faults

You think you’re such a handsome mess
With your perfect hair and your fancy vest
Honey, worth ain’t based on the way you dress
But I wish you the best

I was never naïve
About the company you keep
But you made me feel so weak
Guilting me ‘til I believed
She’s just a girl you met
But you had your eyes set
Darling, love ain’t based around one red dress
But I wish you the best

Now we pass on the street
It’s all so clear to me
We’ll never be more than this

I should’ve run, I should’ve guessed
You were exactly what they said
We sure made a pretty little mess
But I wish you the best

Goodbye, goodbye
Please don’t pretend to cry
You played unfair now don’t pretend to care
Now I see what I should’ve seen
You would’ve been the death of me
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Death Of Me Lyrics

Mason Ashley – Death Of Me Lyrics