Laughin boy (Ha ha ha)
That what they use to call you
Before you found A new lover to take my place
Laughin boy (Ha ha ha)
That's what they use to call you
You always weared A smile upon ur face
But as I look at you now
I know that some how the smile ur wearing is untrue
Laughin boy I think your blue
Your new love
She realy must of hurt you
She realy most of field your heart with pain
Cause I know you well
And you could never fool me
I know some how you not the same
Cause I look at you now
I know that some how
When you say ur happy your lying
Laughin boy
I believe you been cryin
Don't you know that it true
I still love you just as much as I did before
Lauhg in boy come on home laughin boy
Come on home laughin boy
And smile once more
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Laughing Boy Lyrics

Mary Wells – Laughing Boy Lyrics

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