Looks like the roar of the ocean
And sure like the wind went in
And so like the shape of the little break
But to me all the stuff repels
Feeling the rock is rolling
And the lava that you know you can't stop
Get out of the way don't you hear what I say?
The earth's gonna soon blow astop!
The earth is clearing its road
Life is going the extreme road
You better run don't just stand there and gag
This is one hot, hot rock
I love the steam and the red shirt
And the way that the earth turns gruesome
And the forces too great, it's all if you take
Hey watch out there she goes
Just like the ride by the river
It knows how to light up the night
The lava will flow and you better go
As fast as chickens' flight.
Bubbles and gurgles and oozes all day
It goes where it wants who will stand in its way
Yuu never should laugh and please never mock
Because this is one mean nasty rock
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Volcano Lyrics

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen – Volcano Lyrics