Can we survive through this storm?
Can we trust the captain to fall with his ship,
Lets bolt his cheek to the door.
He's the one that caused this mess,
We got a mutiny on our blood red hands.
This is for all the ones that we have silenced, the calm is still to come
Will the path we chose to follow keep us forever divided?
If this is where we're heading,
Then I will be there for you even if it sends me to Him.
For I refuse to be apart of a world that's turned it's back on love.
So ashamed, we must change our fight. We must make this right.
We're all guilty of a system void of compassion that fails to recognise,
One day we will be punished for our ignorance
Your ways have polluted our ranks
Let's draw a chalk outline right around our city.
We all defile the truest words we've driven ourselves
From grace and now we're set to fall.
We're all walking contradictions,
This blood will not wash off my hands,
Tape off the holes in my hull, we won't be saved.
We always think of changing the world,
But do we ever think of changing ourselves?
The only way to reverse our wrongs is to use what we've learnt,
For these wasted lives will not remain in vein.
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My Son Optimus Prime Lyrics

Mary Jane Kelly – My Son Optimus Prime Lyrics