I know you're strong, in fact sometimes it amazes me
And don't get me wrong, I know you're doing fine
But darlin' if you're troubled, or maybe if you're lonely
I want you to know, I'm only a breath away

And I'm gonna be here right beside you
And you can lean on my love until you're alright
And I'm gonna be here, til the morning
And you can lean on my love, to get you through the night

There comes a time
Where you just can't do the same old dance anymore
And you're wanting just a little more than everything you've got
And it seems those moments strike you
When you're lying there half awake in the dark
And you're wondering when you lost that spark
I know, I've been there too

And I'm gonna be here....
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Lean On My Love Lyrics

Mary Beth – Lean On My Love Lyrics