[Musique: Daniel Mongrain & François Mongrain]
[Paroles: Daniel Mongrain & François Richard]

[Ne vous laissez pas influencer par les autres. Ne laissez pas le jugement des autres démolir votre intégrité. Ne vous faites pas prendre dans leur jeu... Trouvez votre paix intérieure.]

[Dm-] face against the ground
Covered with tears
Your faith in your equal
Runs from your inner voice
The one in which you run
In which you'Re lost
Panicked from the void
And the abstract

Immortal trace
Of an injured soul
You suffer
An undeserved pain
Inflicted by the wound
Which can never be mended

Without bearing all the evils
Without A hunger for revenge
Without imposing your wrath
But living it in your own right
The way it has to be

Rotting in corruption
The misfits are punished
Overwhelmed by the hate
Of those turned
Into nothingness

No need to wear yourself out
From the scorn and the shame
Once you understand
They'Re trying to drag you into their hell
Which goes beyond their boundaries

[Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron]
[Lead: Daniel Mongrain]

Find your inner peace.
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Inner Peace Lyrics

Martyr – Inner Peace Lyrics