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Gotta Get It Lyrics

Marty Footz – Gotta Get It Lyrics

Chorus: I gotta get it so I can live that life... Yeahh I gotta get it cuz I
Ain't living right... That's why I gotta get ittt... I'm out here tryna get
Ittt... I gotta get it... Get it for me... You know I gotta get it to feed my
Family... That's why I gotta get it... I'm out here tryna get it

V1: I'm doing what I can just to get it for my fam
Tryna get to this money I don't think y'all understanddd
Mannn... I could go crazy doin these damnnn these I been doing lately
I'm doing endless drugs just to ease up my pain
It's an understatement to say that I'm drained
This music n this loud is how I stay sane
So high so high you think I was in a planee
N it ain't no coming down to face reality
I just really want my mova to finally smile at me
She say I'm chasing a dream that's just the child in me
I promise one day ma you gon be proud of me


V2: if you ain't been through what I been through then don't try to impress
Cuz I know killas yea got killas that'll kill you for less
If you sit down n think about it you see life is like chess
Yea you can move around but at first you just take baby steps
N the whole moral to the game is that you gotta protect
And you can't never let nobody get to close to your nest
Some say my talent is god given I just know that I'm blessed
The whole world gon know my name until that day I won't rest
Yea I struggled before so I had to hustle before
N it's a cold world so I to use these muscles before
N all I knowww
I'm tellin you all I knowww isss

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