Beep Beep! Redneck Roadrunner, runnin' up and down this road
Freightshaker, big moneymaker carryin' a big fat load
Run, run Sweet Roadrunner better fill that tank again
Take that Double Deuce to the Queen City, gotta make there by ten...
Keep it going boy just a little farther down the line
Smash that hammer down and you might just make it there on time
Rollin' on downhill, then makin' that climb.
Doin' that Dragon Fly faster you roadrunner go!

Go, Redneck Roadrunner Go!... Go, Redneck Roadrunner Go!

Ready, set, zoom... Hip, Hip, Hurry... Runnin at the speed of light
Gearjammer, Red Bull slammer power on through the night
Hot Ditty! Queen City, comin' just up around the bend
Hey Roadrunner, don't get excited, cause you aint' near the end
Cause you got to Flip Flop and spin that rig around
Smokin' Down to Hot Lanta (Atlanta) then roll thru Guitar Town(Nashville)

Drivin' through snow and then drivin' thru rain,
You Suicide Jockey, faster you roadrunner go

Go, Redneck Roadrunner Go! Go, Redneck Roadrunner Go!

Jump up, Jump down, comin' in loud and proud
Tighten' that seat, cause your running heavy, do it to it don't break down
Big Smile! The Magic Mile, Gonna make it just on Time
Drop Stop Destination, money gonna feel just fine
Don't you slow down cause got one more town
Get Gritty in Beercity' I guess your Badger bound
Insomniac go you Maniac Go
Bean Poppin' Redneck can carry that that load
Lifetaker, Freightshaker, stay on the road
Checkin' them eyelids for pinholes you roadrunner go

Go, Redneck Roadrunner Go! Go, Redneck Roadrunner Go!
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Redneck Roadrunner Lyrics

Marty Falle – Redneck Roadrunner Lyrics