You try to open me up
Like a music box
You think you'll here some sweet song
I just erupt like Vesuvius
Like you said something horribly wrong
Why is it
The one I get fed up with
Is the one that I can't do without
You're nothing but good to me
And I keep exploding
Can't even remember
What it was about

Call the authorities
Call the powers that be
Call security
And tell them what's
Happened to me

It's like I was stuck in this
Amusement park
And I am less amused all the time
It's like I played all the games
And went on all the silly rides
Feels like I went up too high
I was spun round too many times
'Cause I can't help feeling sick
And tired

Call the paramedic
Get some one to do something
Call a mechanic
I think I'm malfunctioning
Call wolf, Call wolf

Call horror, call terror
Call bloody murder
Call horror, call terror
Call bloody murder

Call wolf, Call wolf

Music and lyrics by martina sorbara
Martina sorbara - vocals/acousticguitar
Adam hay - drums
Rich brown - bass
Kevin fox - electric guitar
Jian ghomeshi - percussion
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Call Wolf Lyrics

Martina Sorbara – Call Wolf Lyrics

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