Iґll meet you at the Rocky Shore
We will dive into the ocean and much more
We wonґt ever have to go to flower stores
And we will have the key to every door.

Piazza Navona here we come
By the fountain we will watch the sun go down
We will roll the dice and then weґll fly away
To climb the mountains up at Coral Bay.

We should walk away
Before it is too late
And we will keep going on and on
We will leave tonight
And run away from time
Until it catches up with us

Youґll see the rainbow bridge and dream
That it was an archway to a golden sea
Itґs invisible but not when youґre with me
We will join our thoughts and set them free.

Leisurely we'll cross Brooklyn Bridge
Wave the magic wand and make poor people rich
We could go to see the coast of Malibu
Or to Miami Ink and get Tattoos.

But my conscience tells me it would be a crime
We only care about ourselves
And the memories of our life dwindle with time
We'll even meet each other when we die
But that wonґt happen tonight
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Walk Away Lyrics

Martin Lück – Walk Away Lyrics