Confidence can make me strong
Confidence can change my life
Confidence can only carry me up
Confidence can never break it up

I have the right to say you that,
That i can show you you my confidence
I have the way to make you feel that,
I know how to do without accident
But if i can,t think as i,ve told you is
Like as a wastage garbage
Make your heart as just as like a rock
That won,t break and never say that you can,t
Make promise that you can do your hope
No matter to say but that it should
Talk on your mind,one hope miss means
You broke your heart,confidence make us
Disagree by your heart that it won,t works
Furiously if you do your work doubtely
It may be fail but planning will never
Break if you plan with your own
And hope so what you wish for
Be a rock and against what you plan for
But after i came to know what is confidence
My heart refresh just like i refresh a virus
On my computer,confidence is like that i play
A video games,through this i succeed and
I never fail what i hope.

If you thought that you are not
A strong fighter,still you are off
But to get on why don,t you carry?
Is this matter to be scary haah
And never give up that is the way
You to follow up,you have the
Opportunities to do what you wish for
But careful what you do for
That is with your own and never
Leave it,may be you can be a great
To fight the world as soon as your
Mind turn the second,but if you
Are frighten successful kicks you up
Anyhow you should have a confidence
Your aim can enter through a target
Goal,target goal will kiss you like a gold
Whatever plants the plan,further that
Will makes you welcome,pick it up,
Go through your way successful carries
You up but promise it won,t left anything
Here,unnecessary thinking eats your brain
Fight with confidence if you won
You have the right that you can do anythings,
Thats your own and its upon you.
May be you cannot welcome the gate of
Confidence but if you know the exact way
You are the leader of the way
Cause you are the owner and the leader
Of the life,makes it better your way
And take care of your life,look around
And think of whats the matter gone around
If you thought,you are perfect enough
Still you are fool and lose yourself
By what you thought,only some may have
The deep confidence,they can only make
It challenge and change,confidence
Can only make strong your heart
Without confidence think you are still
A child like three year years lol
Heart beat should not beat faster
In anytime,think that you are the head
Of this,throw your nervous and go
Through your way,confidence does not
Like this things,performance does not
Match anythings,so just kick of
Open your gate of the heart and moves
And do,jus follow the hope and
Carry what you like.
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Confidence Lyrics

Martin Debbarma – Confidence Lyrics