Sometimes I feel like speaking spanish
When I do, do you know what I do?
I call on some really really fine girls
And you know what they do?

They say hey hey hey hey
I love you

Teresita y maria I know you are true

Teresita is really good in bed

Maria gives really good head

Teresita teresita you are so hot

Maria maria ugly is what your not

But when I get out of my spanish mode
English is the way to go

Tessa and mary are my girls
Tessa and mary rock my world

Tessa tessa she's so fly

Mary mary, for her I would die

Tessa and mary or teresita y maria

English or spanish... You are mine

All the time
Every night
I like the way you bite
Yea yea yea
Damn damn damn
Oh my god
You are hot
I saw a dove
In your eyes
I'm in love
Ohhh tessa
Uhhh mary
Ayayayaya teresita
Oyoyoyoy maria

I love you
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Teresita Y Maria Lyrics

Martian Sexton – Teresita Y Maria Lyrics