Boom boom boom boom
Money funny in dollar...

It's thriller, darling
You're a wonderful lover, baby
July, December
Always deep inside of my mind
Tell me why
You keep a pocketful of green
Green dollars
I love you
Though it's the time
You're very hard
You sound like a young fella
Take me on the night

* Boom boom boom boom
Shoot you like a bomber
Boom boom boom boom
At your order
Boom boom boom boom
Pushing all the buttons
More time

Don't like a tango
Dancing your fandango tonight, baby
We'll need tomorrow
Boom boom have the stories for you, baby
You pretty doll
You like me like the dollars
Oh baby, do sympathize
So you can buy the world
Like Rockefeller
Dance with me together

* Repeat (x2)

Boom boom boom boom
Money funny in dollar...

* Repeat and fade
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Boom Boom Dollar Lyrics

Martial Beat – Boom Boom Dollar Lyrics