(m. Crenshaw)

Girls girls girls
When I'm walking downtown on a summer's day, yeah
Girls girls girls
All my troubles seem 10 thousand miles away
I fall in love from my head to my feet
When I'm watchin' all those girls walkin' down the street
The feelin' goes to my head like red wine
You know I feel fine 'cause all I ever have in mind is
Girls girls girls
And anytime I turn on my tv
Girls girls girls
Are all that I really care to see yeah yeah yeah
You know I don't want to be impolite
But I need someone to hold beside me tonight
And make the feeling come on like red wine
You know I feel fine
You girls are driving me wild (yeah)
And I said wild (yeah)
Oh girls girls girls
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Girls... Lyrics

Marshall Crenshaw – Girls... Lyrics

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