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Cocky Lyrics

Marques Houston – Cocky Lyrics

I can't hear the seat spit eye shit
You keep jocket hey you cocket
I have no feel I stay in the pocket
You just mad 'cause I'm the life of the party
I'm so hot nigga I'm letting...
I am a legend while I'm stuck in the...
It don't move me I live it to the dawn
Consist in the killin them a young and...

Yeah, hey you can't stop me
Hey, said you can't stop me
You can't take me out of my zone
I stand here alone 'cause I'm cocky
Don't be mad on the throne 'cause I'm cocky
Match with the crown and I'm strong, cocky
See me I could never be grew, 'cause I'm cocky
You can't stop the storm 'cause I'm cocky
Niggas better leave me alone 'cause I'm cocky

You keep dishin it, I keep livin it
I stay kickin it, switch and... Still spit the things
And this the history for money
I can't change that, I can't give
Told you I would never love
Some one... Put your body
Start at eight I was born at nine
It makes the truth definition of the grind
This I ever knew
I just kick it better in time
I just can't think that's it's getting my mind
A lot on my knees that the game is my...


From the eye the next day
We went to the next stage
We bounce back nigga never see to a mate
... And the jungle I'm stand up
The flow must be... My friends a man up
I'm cocky he's cocky
Cope one benz now we cope free
Y'all wanna cope free but you cocky
But then wonder why your girl call me papi
She was... Leg it but I elt em
Put them ties up and make you just saw...
Yeah let's dial on the beat hard
Homie till ti's mud on my clips
May with the... Never seen defeat
Never seen the feet
'Cause I'm cocky

'Cause I'm cocky, 'cause I'm cocky
'Cause I'm cocky, I'm so cocky how to go stop me
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