I need love
Freedom - come over me
Won't you tell me how to hear
And show me how to see
I need love
Freedom - give me your hand
And my God will take you
Far away to freedomland
I need love

My mind is dazed
Am I ready to believe
What everybody says

Help me
I'm in despair
I'm afraid of getting lost
I don't know how to care


Our mind is a jail!
Can't you see that we're
Not free if we're afraid to fail
I need love
'cause love's
The only key
If you open up your soul
Freedom will make you see


I want to pray
But sometimes I do not have
The faith in words I say
I need love
This love will set me free
Lead me to my freedomland
And let your soul be me

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Freedomland Lyrics

Marque – Freedomland Lyrics