F/ Master Ace

(Let's play a little game)

(Okay, I'm loosin up now)

(Aw - there it is!)

(I've waited long enough)

Bust a move, let's play a little Simon Says

So take your places and listen to the rhymin as

I like display a new style that just may

Leave suckers runnin for the door in total dismay

Yeah, by now, so you're startin to

Get a little hype, but first get a partner

And proceed full speed right to the dance arena

I really doubt it, but maybe by chance you seen a-

Nother brother more inclined to play the part of Simon

Than the Master Ace who knows the art of rhymin

Like a shark knows the finer points of swimmin

Like Steady Pace know the cuts and the fly women

And so before we start this game

Simon says: get up, and yo, I do the same

(Let's play a little game)

Now Simon says: look deep into your partner's eyes

(Let's play a little game)

Look at your partner from head to toe

(Let's play a little game)

And all those good parts in between, you know

(Let's play a little game)

Simon says: it gets badder, and you never had a

Beat that can heat your feet, and still add a

Theme with so much steam, it makes sweat pour

> From your faces, and the Ace is sure

Gonna do it, as you listen to it

See, I navigate ya straight to help through it

I'm Simon, rhymin, climbin on time, and

On a mission, that's the position that I'm in

Takin you there, makin you care

I'm achin to tear up the floor, but I don't dare

Leave the mic sittin, gettin cold without my hand on

Those that dance don't have a foot to stand on

And those that don't dance, yo, you oughta know

Simon says: wall flowers aren't allowed to grow

(Let's play a little game)

Now Simon says: close your eyes

And imagine your partner totally unclothed

(Let's play a little game)

Nude, in the butt, bare to the flesh

Now get as close as you can to your partner

And without touching him, move your body to the rhythm

(Let's play a little game)

Simon takes the stand, just as planned

And I display in a ray that's rather grand

Now I agree, there are many who said 'party's off'

But if one of them says, he drops arty soft

See to drop hard you must have the kind of mind

That's refined and artistically lined

Cause yo, it takes nack if you wanna attack

Attract with such skill, and still fit the bill

Ace and Action, few can come harder

Than we come, uhm - here's some, but only part of

The gift that can lift the myth that is swift

Only boast the most, yo, Simon says: if

If your partner's face is in place with your taste

Then haste, you better push up, no time to waste

So if you're with it, you better get it, don't try to sit it

On a chair and stare like a square, brother, quit it

There's no time for nerds and geeks, only freaks

With the s*** cheeks, as the Master speaks

And for weeks and weeks you will dance and prance

To the rhythm I enhance with my chants

So here's a glance at a jam that'll nullify

And fry all the rest, bust the color

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, in the gold and violet

This jam is fly, and I'm the pilot

Flyin you straight to the end of the rainbow

Steady and I try to open your brain, so

You can accept what was carefully kept

Till the fun stops, then the party was pepped

Up, and if you stepped up, you couldn't hold your place in a chair

So hail Simon, the brother Master Ace in the rear

Simon says: yeeeaah...

(Let's play a little game)

Now Simon says: put your right hand on your partner's shoulder

And put your left hand on your partner's waist

(Let's play a little game)

Now move your hips rhythmatically

(Let's play a little game)

Now the climax...

Simon says: touch your partner's body

Touch your partner's body

In every way imaginable


Do the nasty

(Let's play a little game)

I wanna say what's up to my dj Steady Pace

Sha-Born the technician

Ray for real

Eye-Cu Rock and the rest of the Action Posse

Special thanks to dj Marley Marl

And Tim Westwood rockin things out in you. K.

(Okay, I'm loosin up now)

Peace, world

(Let's play a little game)

(Aw - there it is!)
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Simon Says (feat. Master Ace / The Action) Lyrics

Marley Marl – Simon Says (feat. Master Ace / The Action) Lyrics