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Live Motivator (feat. Percy / Tragedy) Lyrics

Marley Marl – Live Motivator (feat. Percy / Tragedy) Lyrics

[Hook x4]
Live moti-, live motivator

[Verse 1: Tragedy Khadafi]
I have the mind of a sick psychiatric
Protégés perish with my tactics
Terminate, exhale, I bust brain cells
I'm international, my name ring bells
Define definitions like a dictionary
Impose, impact 'cause I'm a visionary
Tragedy elevates to the exterior
Imperial superior, you're inferior
Intelligent trooper, I detect
And I design paragraphs like an architect
Spittin' fire like a serpent, lyrical merchant
Translatin' transcripts, and I interpret
Daredevil of percussion, born to detour
Able to lift a ton of lyrics like a 4x4
Paragraph professor, strong metaphor
Pumpin' bass like a Bertha, talkologist inserter
Torture, slaughter, then I murder
Gladiator rebel, trained to cause havoc
The microphone manipulator, and I'm Tragic
Science is dropped when times are convenient
I label the lyricist a form of genius
Rhymin' is a skill, the source is energetic
My techniques are brilliant, and I'm hyper-kinetic
Individual intelligent, concept navigator
Tragedy, the Live Motivator

[Hook x4]

[Verse 2: Tragedy Khadafi]
Recite rhymes like a poet, use the pen for my endurance
Techniques are abusive, so is my performance
Record rotatin', life is motivatin'
The master of lyricists, rhymes coordinatin'
Einstein of lyrics, mad psychopath
Rather listen to the Trag on your phonograph
Original Asiatic, rhymatical mechanic
Jettin' like a Uzi ammunated automatic
On the strength, I'm terrific, rhymes are hieroglyphic
Use a potion in a motion, my brain is scientific
Rhymatical motivatin', chief-annihilatin'
The lyrical poet be your exterminatin'
Born to destroy, talkologist, terminator
The rebel of the treble, the Motivator

[Hook x4]

[Verse 3: Tragedy Khadafi]
Rock a jam in a motion, elevate and increase
Jettin' words by the syllable, piece by piece
Pronunciation is related, rhymes are updated
Don't let your kids listen, 'cause I'm X-rated
Intelligent Hoodlum, brain mutulator
I. Q. Of a genius - the Motivator
Let's do this, Brutus, prototype inspiration
Rhymes inject turbo motivation
Deep dialogue, the poetical
You can't deal with the rhymin' energetical
Sound captivated, rhyme activated
I rock even better when I'm stimulated
Attack like a pit-bull, physically brutal
You can't hang, 'cause you're soft as a poodle
I'm debonair, poetically charmed
I can go through several battles, and still remain calm
Not a strain on the brain, I'm here to gain
I stimulate ya like a sniff of cocaine
40 dog buster, I'm here to thrust a
On lyrics a definite must, a
Papermate prosecutor, the executor
Process the data like a computer
Proceed with the topic, I came to drop it
Don't try to stand in my way, you can't stop it
Marley Marl, pick up the cross-fader
Tragedy, the Live Motivator

[Hook x4]
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