You just start me up,
I'm a dog, I'm a slag, I'm a disco queen,
You're so on that you make me shine

And I, I dig your music
Stand out you're a chemical, (come on up)
Sweet Lord, you're a miracle

And your eyes,
Apologise for your wonder,
Apologise for your style,
And you kill with your smile, yeah

You just fuck me up,
Every time
You're a smoke, you're a choke, you're the nicotine,
You're my bloody valentine

And I, I didn't choose it,
Take off you're a radical, (come on up)
Touch down you're a miracle

[Chorus x2]

And I can see me,
Lying on the floor
And you're beating me up,
Trying to bring me back
And I don't know where I'm going

[Chorus x2]

You just start me up
(Stand out you're a chemical)
Any time

(Sweet Lord, you're a miracle)
Stand out you're a chemical

Come on up
Sweet Lord you're a miracle
Come on up
Stand out you're a chemical...
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Kill With Your Smile Lyrics

Mark Owen – Kill With Your Smile Lyrics

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