Millions... In a sea of heads
To the beat of a new song without words
Because in return for the pain of our torments
The time will come like a mill
And will act
The time will come when in return for your march
We will overcome you in charges
Without charging
Without end..., without
Wash our hearts
Music will also be playing for us
You will be howling that...
We, out of anger, and we out of anger
So many victims
You will pay, only you
For every torment, for every one
Bayonets in the brain as punishment
Daggers in the neck
In return for so many sighs
So many tears
May every one of you die
Like a dog
And may the world reject you
Erase every trace of you...
On the great grave stands a
Who will shout
To the left, left, left
And to the left!!!
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Millions ... In A Sea Of Heads Lyrics

Mark M – Millions ... In A Sea Of Heads Lyrics