There was a hill we climbed and a nursery rhyme
Went flying across the waving grass
Like, like silver bells
Against the curtain that the sky had made
Ooooh, and so we played

It was a sunny day, and so we lay
Beneath the rock that sheltered us
From passing planes.
And the earth caught fire when you turned
But nothing burned

There were nights when
The lights would take us nowhere
For just a little while
Cars would pass, and we were out of gas
But we didn't care
Even though we walked a mile

There was a deejay in L. A.
We used to tune in at night
To hear our favorite song
We always heard it at that perfect time
Up on that hill we climbed.

And now you're gone and I'm alone
And though they say I should be
Safe, secure, and sane
Oh, I still remember yesterday,
And the games that children play
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First Hymn From Grand Terrace Lyrics

Mark Lindsay – First Hymn From Grand Terrace Lyrics