I buried a friend today
Poor thing, she went in a common sort of way
Such a pretty face, balanced on a bottle-neck
It makes you wonder why they'd bother
Sewing it back on
Do you think she came clean in the bath?
Bernadette lost her head
For a drink and a cigarette
Now you can see,
What she missed, in the mirror that she kissed
In what was wiped clean
Do you remember that scene?
I remember it clearly
Do you think
She came clean in the sink,
Holding her hair back
Gulping the air back?
Do you think she
Slipped out feeling sorry
For herself
And nobody else?
She should have been left with something to write with
Or at least someone to die with
Did you see how they cut her hair off?
Oh, what does she care now?
Give us something to tear down
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Burying Bernadette Lyrics

Mark Lenover – Burying Bernadette Lyrics