There's been many times that I've let you down
Searching for happiness, but none to be found.
To think that the price you paid for me
Wasn't in vain - all that agony
But I'm here to say I've had my ups and my downs
But I'm here now to stay, 'cause of the love that I've found

Now I'm giving my best, to You Lord,
All that I have, I won't withhold.
I'm giving my best, to You lord,
All of my heart, and all of my soul.

When I think of the life you've shown to me
The times you waited so patiently;
My heart is filled with such love for you
And I know the best thing for me to do
I come to you Lord, to answer your call
Not holding back, but I'm giving my all!

Chorus (Repeat)

You are the one that truly did it for me;
You gave your best at calvary.
You are the one that paid that sacrifice;
So now I'm giving my life -
I'm giving my life - I'll give my life!

Chorus (Repeat)
Repeat and ad lib
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Giving My Best Lyrics

Mark Condon – Giving My Best Lyrics

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