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On Everything Lyrics

Mark Battles – On Everything Lyrics

Trapped and I got to free em
Packing these coliseums
Thoroughly murking shit leave your beat in a mausoleum
Pocket the profit popping we shopping with our per diem
Look how we got it, this shit ain't never stopping
And that's on everything
Hit the jeweler I need Vasi Gang on every chain
I'm feeling special 12 and Fresco blowing Mary Jane
And I'm just getting started that's the scary thing (Hol' up)
If you coming to my city then you gotta check in
I want you, you, you, you and your best friend
I won't lie she blew my beast but this ain't X-Men
Set trends, net 10, soon as my set ends

And that's on everything
Yeah that's on everything
Bitch that's on everything

I ain't ever had no love for a scary lane
I'm really about to run it up and they gon swear he changed
A nigga flyer than a bird I got that Larry range
My niggas drinking every night they trying to bury pain
We chasing green and throwing threes I feel like Danny Ainge
A bunch of Vasi's with me I don't come alone
Friends let me down like pedophiles cause they rubbed me wrong
I cut them niggas off then cut another song
Tell them haters run along
Body shit I'm coming strong
Think it's time to show something
I was just a cold youngin'
Everyday struggling like Joe Budden
Really had no time for academics was grinding I had to get it
Block doing steady numbers I'm thinking our math was different
What's the bidness?
Can't hang with my gang this ain't a game this a scrimmage
There something about God he love my squad he made us different
Hit with slick distractions but got past it with consistence
Gotta stay persistent
Bought myself a tour bus and I filled that bitch with hoes
Opened up a bank account and filled that bitch with 0's
Weak ass label contracts I filled that bitch with no's
Yelling 3's up like Fifa all my niggas chasing goals

That's on everything
Yeah that's on everything
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