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Knew Enough Lyrics

Mark Battles – Knew Enough Lyrics

I ain't gonna lie I wanna fight these niggas
I don't even know why y'all like these niggas
I ain't make freshman cause I rap with a message
So I might seem bitter
Take your shine, watch my team glitter
Oh she stuck up, but I highkey hit her
Drop a little game, understanding ain't a thing
Better keep it all tame when you talking to a winner, in her
It's time to school you, yeah he cool but he lying to you
From the slums, I ain't gotta fool you
In Honolulu eating Ramen noodles
Couple Yoo-hoo's and a Toaster Strudel
Name is ringing cause the flow is brutal
Won a few, I don't know the usual
Talk is cheap, I'll show and prove it

(What, what, what?)
I thought you niggas knew enough

Kinda life where they hate to love you
Go raw like a faithful couple
Earn it all, I ain't taking nothing
Love my city cause it makes me hustle
Real niggas don't blame the struggle
It was OKC go on play with Russell
Bang, bang, bang, niggas came to hunt you
Fight for my life, might scrape a knuckle
Night after night we shaping puzzles
Niggas left cause they never loved you
Show respect but don't ever trust 'em
I don't wear your brand unless I got it custom
Fly or die, you ain't saying nothing
Give me death or just give me justice
Quit all the stutters, don't change the subject
Run for cover cause it might get ugly

(What, what, what?)
I thought you niggas knew enough

Um, you with it or not?
I'mma get to the top with an intricate plot
Got her tripping off a Ritalin, better bring her the pot
I been in it for a minute, I'm the nigga to watch
Gotta give a lot of credit to the group that I got
Lot of pride on the ride, but you risk it a lot
And you had it all planned and you itching to stop
Game on the line, I'mma give me a shot (swish)

(What, what, what?)
Knew, knew, knew enough
Knew, knew, knew enough
(What, what, what?)
I thought you niggas knew enough

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