Sometimes it's hard to find that perfect opening line
When you've got too much on your mind
How do I turn this into poetry
I wanna say something about this strange dream that I dreamt
Where all around the world I went
I tried to run and no one followed me

Today I sat on your porch and waited for you to come home
And the cars they drove along
One by one in endless lines
Transporting papers, pills, and children back and forth
From south to north
A caravan of separates lives

And then I felt how small we are oh
Then I felt how small we are oh

Baby bay take me out
Tonight tonight the stars are bright
The world is made of glass and ice and maybe soon
It'll all be shattered
Make me feel like I belong like I matter to someone
And feel a little less alone come on let's be alone together

I'm thinking nobody will miss us when we're gone
Well, for a while, but not for long
People will sing without us listening
And people will drink and laugh on sunny afternoons
On those first sweet days of June
Before the northern wind start drifting in
Can you feel how small we are, oh
Can you feel how small we are, oh

Baby baby take me out tonight tonight the stars are bight
And maybe maybe we're not gonna matter more than this, not ever
Maybe maybe no one will ever find the traces we might leave behind
But tonight I just don't mind
Come on let's be alone together

Can you feel how small we are
Don't you know how small we are
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Alone Together Lyrics

Marit Bergman – Alone Together Lyrics