Ohh, oh

How is it
That when we go out
All together
As one big crew
I tried
To chill with you
Dance or whatever
And your homegirls
More interested
Than you
She pays
More attention to me
Than you lately
I'm tempted
To pay attention to

If you let her
Take me from you
I guess I finally see
If you let her
Take me from you
You never wanted me
Let this happen
And it proves
That your love
Was never true
If you let her
Take me from you

She's always laughing
And flirting with me
And you act like you
Don't even care
As a matter of fact
You've been real
Distant lately
Acting like
I'm not even there
She says
That you don't deserve
A man like me
I'm starting to think
That she's right


Baby when you were lost
Had no one who was there
All my affection, girl
So you know that I cared
If uncool you love girl
Then you should be scared
Cause another girls
About to take your place
But if you let her

[Chorus x2]

Take me from you
Oooh, girl
Take me from you
Oooh, yeah (3x)
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If Lyrics

Mario – If Lyrics