Oh, yeah
Oooooh, yeeeaah
Uh, uuuh, ah (x2)

If anybody ask you
Anything about me
Tell them
I am just a man
Who lost a friend?
A faded picture
Of our memories
That we never
Share again
So I pretend

I guess all we can do
Is think about
Of used to be
Is this so hard to do
Cause we got
A bad history
No I've tried
A million combinations
But it won't work
Know it hurts
But we gotta
Let it go-o-o-oh

I don't wanna be
A lonely stranger
I never think
Of the thing that
Take us
And Break us
And Make us
Fall apart, baby
I don't wanna be
A lonely stranger
All the time
I gave ya
And we make up
Just to break up
I guess I'm just
A lonely stranger

If anybody ask me
Anything about you
I would say
You love my heart
And I loved
To love you so
What is
Ain't that we just
Couldn't make it through
And we left
Our feelings forth
Now we don't have
Love at all

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Lonely Stranger Lyrics

Mario Winans – Lonely Stranger Lyrics