One track mind like a goldfish
Stuck inside my petri dish
I can't breathe and I can't smile
This better be worth my while

I feel numb most of the time
The lower I get the higher I'll climb
And I will wonder why I got dark only to

Shine looking for the golden light
Oh, it's a reasonable sacrifice

(Burn, burn, burn bright)

Forgo family forgo friends
It's how it started how it ends
I can't open up and cry
'Cause I've been silent all my life

[Pre-Chorus] [Chorus]

(Burn, burn, burn bright x2)

Oh I get dark
Oh and I'm in hell
I need a friend
Oh but I can't yell
Yeah I'm no good no good to anyone
'Cause all I care about is being Number 1

[Chorus] x2



Shine and I'll light up the sky
Stars that burn the brightest
Fall so fast and pass you by
Puff like empty lighters


Shine and I'll light up the sky
Stars they burn the brightest
Spark like empty lighters
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Numb Lyrics

Marina And The Diamonds – Numb Lyrics

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