These dark clouds
Circling above my head
I can't stop
Going over what was said
Your hurtful words replay in my mind
And my tears would just re-wind
My heart was scattered all over the place
And all I could see was your "don't care" face

Stonecold, mama taught me to be kind and good
But I can never wish you dead*
Just coming to you with three-fold
Oh, it was stonecold
Promises you made were sold*
Now waiting around the corner for her
Oh.. For her

I begged you not to leave me
But you slapped my dreams around
Like cold night rain*
Never did you know the heat in my soul
3 years down the drain
I wanted to set your face on fire
So you could burn low
You could burn low

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Stonecold Lyrics

Mariechan Luiters – Stonecold Lyrics

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