I caught you lookin at my baby.
Out of the corner of my eye.
We were arm n arm when you smiled at him
As we went walkin by.

Now Iunderstand what could make a girl
Try a little trick like that.
But if you're think of tryin to win his love
Let me tell you where it's at.

Oh everybody's crazy bout my baby
And my baby's crazy bout me.
Everybody's got eyes for my baby
But I', the only one he sees.
So give him a smile and try to get his attention
But one thing girl that I like to mention.
Everybody's crazy bout my baby.
And my baby's crazy bout me.

We go walkin down the avenue,
He's dressed up and lookin fine.
I can hear hearts break
Cause I know just what all you pretty girls
Have got in mind.
You smile in my face. Then you'd take my place.
The minute my back was turned.
So before you try to steal my guy.
Here's a lesson that I have learned.

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Everybody's Crazy 'bout My Baby Lyrics

Marie Osmond – Everybody's Crazy 'bout My Baby Lyrics

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