Wipe the darkest shades away
Happiness your saving grace
Ignorance won't clean the slate
Won't find your final resting place

Don't circle 'round the task at hand
Or take a fall when you can stand
Disregard the reprimand
Needing more than secondhand

There's bigger pictures to paint
More horizons to chase
Something better than searching, reaching
Burning, bleeding black and white
Deeper oceans to swim
Unpredictable whims
And you're learning, you're learning
Freedom's worth the fight

Dreams dashed with apathy
Leave the ledge and set them free
Scaling walls in disbelief
Oh, you can't climb when you can't dream


Tied up & bound in the cords of our conviction
Got my bag of tricks & my pocket full of luck
Watercolor, paint by number, a reminder of another
Telling me to stay in line
But I'm suffocating...


Pictures to paint (How to laugh)
Horizons to chase (How to cry)
Better than searching (How to live with saying goodbye)
Bleeding, bleeding black and white
Oceans to swim (How to change)
Unpredictable whims (Break away from it all)
And you're learning (Freedom's worth the fight)
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Worth The Fight Lyrics

Marie Hines – Worth The Fight Lyrics