It's hard to write a song today ... The mind is full of noise,
Cause pieces of a tainted soul ... Speak loud with broken voice

Been looking for some innocence ... That's hiding down inside
A guide to help remove again ... The thorn that's in my side

I ... I don't know who I am
It’s hard to understand the raging sea
When you're living on a grain of sand
But moving with the tide
The low is just as high so let it reach you.
You're the neverending me… the neverending me

If time in deed heals everything ... Does anything heal time
Eternal friend and enemy ... Forgive me for this crime

With every single step we take ... We’re falling two steps back
When all the colors come at once ... They clash and turn to black


I'll breathe it and live it now ... I'll breathe it and live it now

If all that I am ... Is all that I have
Do you know who you are?
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Neverending Me Lyrics

Marianne's Wish – Neverending Me Lyrics