I see the burning side of you
The match is in your hand but you,
You're pointing the finger back at me

Don’t really want to hear about it
Playing hide and seek into the dark

And you're always caught between the rise and fall
Eh you think you know it all

The devil never dances alone
He's lying
And you never really been on your own
Deny it
The devil never dances alone, alone...

You take the lead with innocence
And every step leads to the edge
Never the winner in your game

Now can you really do without it
Your hearts alright just mind your head

Hiding in the spotlight as the curtains fall
Oh, welcome to the show


Like a sunshine glow, set it all alight
Let the truth be told, look me in the eyes
Promise me no more, of your everything
This show ain’t over
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Devil Never Dances Alone Lyrics

Marianne's Wish – Devil Never Dances Alone Lyrics