Been this way all my life
Square peg, round hole
You'd think I would know by now
I'll always be stepping on somebody's toes
I wish it wasn't that way
But I'm totally obsessed
And my obsessions say
I've got to love You (love You)
With all of my heart
I've got to please You (please You)
With whatever I've got
Everybody pardon me (pardon me)
For whatever that may bring
'Cause sometimes love makes you do
The strangest things
Sometimes I dance like a gypsy
Sing too loud, play like a banshee
Sometimes I don't eat for a week
Spend my time talking to You on my knees
I'm just a love driven fool
And whatever I can do
I'm gonna do for You
Love will make a man
Eat locusts in the desert
Love will make a man
Dance wild in the streets
Love will make a man
Leave his house and home
Love will make a man die willingly
So a girl's got to do this
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The Strangest Things Lyrics

Margaret Becker – The Strangest Things Lyrics