Out over the hillside
I see the houselights shine
Burning bright to guide somebody home
Here inside my own house
I am lighting mine
And it burns against the night for You alone
Until these arms grow too heavy
To hold this candle high
Until these eyes grow too weary
To search the midnight sky
Until this heart has stopped it's beating
Until these dreams have all run dry
I'll be keeping watch for You
Friends are all around me
There's laughter in my home
But still sometimes I feel so far away
Here inside of my heart
I'll always be alone
Until I finally touch Your gentle face
(repeat chorus)
Everything inside of me
Is missing something without You
I don't care if it takes forever
I'll keep waiting here for You
Waiting here for You
I don't care how long it takes
I don't care how much it takes
I'm waiting here
For You
(repeat chorus)
I'll be keeping watch for You
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Keeping Watch Lyrics

Margaret Becker – Keeping Watch Lyrics