Ooo Ooo Ronnie come back
Ooo ooo Ronnie come back
Oh, Ronnie, I love you so
I just can't see why you had to go
I want you, I need you, I love you
Ohh Ronnie come back to me

We were so happy
I thought our love would last
Or this seemed real
Not like things from the past
You vowed you never leave me
You vowed we'd never part
Then somebody else stole your heart
Ronnie (Ronnie) Ronnie (Ronnie)
Why did you have to go? Oh

Ronnie (Ronnie) Ronnie (Ronnie)
I miss you so
I'll never be happy
Until you belong to me
(To me) to me (to me)

Oh, you might have found
Someone to take my place
But I won't forget your sweet embrace
I just can't seem to find
Another boy who will do
Oh Ronnie (Ronnie) Ronnie (Ronnie)
I will always love you
Ooo Ronnie come back
Oo, oooo Ronnie come back
Oo, oooo, Ronnie come back, oooo
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Ronnie Lyrics

Marcy Joe – Ronnie Lyrics

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