In a heartbeat (3x)
I hear you calling me and I’ll be there
In a heartbeat
I come a running where you are, near or far
In a heartbeat
No use in stalling in my car I’m hauling to you
I’ll keep it coming ‘til it stops
My heartbeat (4x)

In a heartbeat
No use in waiting, to your place I’m skating
In a heartbeat
No contemplating, to your love I’m escaping
In your heartbeat
We’ll stay together any time any weather
Just our heartbeats
We’ll keep it going like a clock (tick tock)
That’s my heartbeat (4x)

Hear it calling in my chest
The melody, it’s telling me
After all it still makes sense
Excelling speeds, my heart it beats for you
Hear my heartbeat (4x)
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Heartbeat Lyrics

Marco Restrepo – Heartbeat Lyrics