These times keep repeating sure as seasons change the leaves
The Missouri man is doing what he can just to be

These lives keep on changing in vain at the hands of authority
The Missouri Man is doing what he can just to breathe

Protests all around the countryside
When you listen you can hear
The love, hate, confusion, and anger in the voices broken by the fear

Silence suffocates - its definition the opposite of action is what I mean
Violence complicates - it sure won't cure disease
That's why the Missouri man lost the only chance he had to be

How are we supposed to react
When the verdict reads there's no consequence
For the villain in the story
I'm beginning to agree there's no justice in this land of plenty

How many more names will we see
Scrolling down the headlines on our TV screens
Mothers lose their babies, children lose their daddies
We all lose a brother in society

We can't save the future fighting old battles from the past
We can't pave the path where we should be
I'm beginning to agree that this flaw is not so small and I can't breathe
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The Missouri Man (I Can't Breathe) Lyrics

Marchan Noelle – The Missouri Man (I Can't Breathe) Lyrics