Nothin' to lose, yeah, yeah
Got nothin' to lose, yeah

It was noon time, down time, break time
Summer time, miller time, anytime
She was lookin' pretty fine
A red light, a green light, go
All fired upm side downtown
She's shakin' me all around
I was tuned in, going nowhere, second wind
Jonesin', droolin', feelin' good, if you would

Oh yeah, by the what she moves
She's got me rollin' in dirt
In a white t-shirt, breaker, breaker 1, 9
She's a big ol' flirt
Bt now she's got me
All tied up, tied down
Ant way I choose
I got nothin' to lose

In like Flynn I was lookin' for the win
Just tryin' anything
Hey baby, where you been
All my life I been lookin' for
Someone like you
Fallin' head over heals
Hey, what can I do

Repeat Chorus

Oh, I'm in the fast lane going 98, by now I know she can
Smooth Operate me, I know now she's no good two
But, hey I've got myself nothin' to lose

Repeat Chorus Twice

Yeah, I've got nothin' to lose.....
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Nothing To Lose Lyrics

Marcel – Nothing To Lose Lyrics