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Oblivion Lyrics

Manuel Frans – Oblivion Lyrics

For many years it was said that Christianity would die
But can I ask tell me why john legend aint alive
I thought you said he will be famous than and have more money instead than Jesus Christ the king who sacrificed his life
My God has never ever smoked but he’s the most high
I dunno how it works but u can give it up a try
There’s no proof that there’s no God
Cause all of those are fake
Magdalene with Jesus relationship was all counterfeit
The devil will do anything for you to loose guard your faith
They said the big bang happened all over in outer space
From evolution man to ape what a funny game
They know they’ve got it wrong away but they still wanna keep their pace
It’s funny that people still believe in the lies they say
They just can’t admit God is real they live on their mistake
It’s the same people supposed to preach us peace
Conflicting kamikaze situations right underneath
Maybe I should kill myself
Maybe I should cry out to seek their foolish help
Excuse ma sincere thought now explain what you mean by lord
If u don’t really get it then explain me what you saw
After all the can keep their lies
I aint focusing on their stupid lies
Man I check maself
Cause I know the truth
Got the living proof
From the day forgotten to the day remembered
Man I know God till the day I die
God on m mind
Don’t kill ma pride
For some reason, ma oblivion got their message wrong
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