On top of the hour (compulsive my behaviour)
I see my life through sky news (keeping things in order)
Keep on watching things unfolding on my wide-screen set
Can't contain myself
I'm going pay-per-view

Think I'll explode (in the corner of my room)
If I do too much gak (sits my one big eyeball)
It's with the advent of this pay-per-view
Can't control myself

I scratch my knee
I have to scratch the other
Documentaries are the best

Thru' my T. V., through my T. V.
All my problems come
Thru' my T. V., through my T. V.
All my problems come

I study quite hard (in the corner of my room)
When I should be in bed (sits my one big eyeball)
I'm in the open university
Constant imprint of the test card on my eyes
I think I should rest (compulsive my behaviour)
Sleep on one side and the other (keeping things in order)
Always searching for the abilene
Can't control myself
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Mansun – Television Lyrics

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